Mid Continental Valves

Fire pump relief valve model 108FC (globe) with model 108FCA (angle) automatically relieves excess fire pump discharge pressure. This prevents the pressure from exceeding capacity of the fire system components.
Pressure reducing valve model 127-3FC (globe) with model 127-3FCA (angle) reduces discharge pressure despite variations in demand or inlet pressure.
The OCV Series 94 Check Valve is a simple on-off valve. It opens to allow forward flow when the inlet pressure exceeds outlet pressure. It closes tightly to prevent backflow when the outlet pressure exceeds inlet pressure.
In many liquid piping systems, it is vital that line pressure is maintained within relatively narrow limits. This is the function of the 108 Pressure Relief / Backpressure Series of OCV control valves.
OCV Series 125 and 126 Pump Control Valves are designed to effectively eliminate surges associated with the starting and stopping of the pump.
Sure Seal manufactures patented butterfly valves and actuators used in industrial applications such as chemical, food processing, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical.
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