About Mid Continental Pump

It was in 1979 that our company started in Winnipeg, with three partners working out of a garage that served as combined office and warehouse for our sole product: pumps.

Three decades later, we have grown from this modest start. Today, we have seven employees with a combined 75-plus years of industry experience, and we now occupy our fourth and largest location. In response to the needs of our customers, we have added valves and valve accessories to our repertoire of products and expertise.

As our company enters its fourth decade, we have taken a close look at why we are successful, and it comes down to this: large inventory, expertise in the products we sell, fast delivery, excellent service, honesty and integrity. It is our aim not merely to sell you one product, but to understand your company or organization and its challenges and requirements – we are here for the long term and we build our business one relationship at a time.

We operate with integrity; having begun as we intend to proceed into our next decade, and beyond.

When it comes to pumps and valves, if we can't do it, it probably isn't possible.

How can we help with your current pump or valve challenge?

mid continental pump - building for the future to meet your needs